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Pay Plan and Performance Update

We had a brief discussion with House leadership regarding the meeting between the Governors office and members of the Senate and House regarding the pay plan and performance evaluations. It gives us a little more insight into the timeline process and all the moving parts.

First, it appears we have support from several leaders in the Senate and House that believe state employee issues need to be addressed fairly.

Performance Evaluations - We have been told that a possible redesign could be in the works as they expressed disappointment awarding only those who scored 4's and 5's this year. We could see a new evaluation system template next week as they want a new system in place to start the year.

Pay Plan Grid - This component of the compensation plan is still being redesigned as the next opportunity to implement a new pay scale will be during next springs fiscal session. We have been told that legislators want to allow plenty of time to study the new proposal and provide feedback. That would be the point we(ASEA and its members) will work together to provide feedback and advocate for its passage.

Consulting Company - The state is using Boston Consulting Group at no cost to the state to make recommendations for efficiencies. check their website here.

Summary - We know there is frustration in not knowing when these issues would be addressed and having to start over with a new plan. This little bit of information gives us optimism that we should start seeing our issues being addressed and the support we are receiving from legislators is encouraging.

Thank you being a member and spread the word about ASEA to your co-workers. Have a blessed holiday and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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