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Pay Plan Advances!

This is the result of todays House vote on our temporary pay plan bill. 96-0 with three not voting and one voting "present." The last step is for it to be placed on the Governors desk to be signed into law. Highlights include:

  • Up to 3% market adjustment rate.

  • Easing of hazardous pay qualifications.

  • Increasing all salary caps by 10%.

  • Ensuring all employees earn at least the federal minimum wage.

  • Creating a special project bonus system.


continued below....

This is great news because employees under the Governors executive branches will receive a market rate adjustment on their first paycheck in July then, if you qualify, you will receive a merit pay adjustment on the second pay period in July.


Next we will see the first draft of a long-term classification and compensation pay plan proposal in July or August. This will be our main focus leading into 2025. This will also be the main discussion at ASEA's August annual business meeting as we prepare to offer our recommendations for improvements. To get on the Zoom evite send a request to

Thank you for being a member.

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