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Pay Update and ASEA News

After Governor Sanders merit pay announcement yesterday we would like to answer your FAQ's.


Recap: State employees currently have two pay-related matters that we are monitoring. As previously announced, a temporary pay plan has been introduced for passage in the current fiscal session. If passed, it would raise the lowest pay grades to a GS05, raise all grade caps by 10%, introduce a special project bonus, and provide up to a 3% market adjustment for all employees under the executive branch. We fully support these additions and we are seeing wide support in both legislative chambers and the full support of the Governor.


All the language of HR1013 can be viewed here. We expect the temporary pay plan bill to start running by the end of this week or early next week.


Yesterday, we received the great news that the Governor has authorized a merit pay for employees scoring either a "meets" or "exceeds" evaluation rating. See below.


FAQ: We are only getting one or the other. Not true. All employees under the executive branch will receive a market adjustment if HB1013 passes. If you are an employee scoring "meets" or "exceeds" you will receive both. (again, upon safe passage.)


FAQ: I am at the max in my salary grade and receive all increases as a lump sum. If HB1013 passes it will change the current pay plan legislation to increase all maximum grades by 10% allowing your upcoming merit, if you score a "meets or "exceeds", to be included in your base pay.


Summary: We will keep you updated as we move along in the session. Stay in touch if we need you to contact your legislator.


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