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Benevolent Fund

ASEA maintains a benevolent fund to assist the survivors of both active and retiree members. The policy will be based on a tiered payment system as an incentive to keep your ASEA membership. The payment increases as your years of membership increase.

Tiered system:

1-10 years = $250
11-15 years = $500
16-20 years = $750
21 plus years = $1,000

Payment will be made regardless of the cause of death except in these circumstances:

• Intentional self-inflicted injury within two years of joining ASEA.
• War or any act of war.
• Insurrection, rioting or police duty as a member of any military, naval or air organization.
• Committing or attempting to commit a felony.
• Accidental death occurring from operating any unlicensed aircraft or while illegally operating any aircraft.


You can update your benevolent fund beneficiary by downloading the form linked below and return it by either fax or U.S. mail. If you have further questions please contact Sharon Buckholts, Membership and Finance Manager -

Ready to Start Benefiting?

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