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Health Insurance - 2025 Rates

Health Insurance - 2025 Rates

Friday, May 31st, the Arkansas Legislative Council approved EBD's (Employee Benefits Division) recommendations for the 2025 health insurance rates for both active employees and retirees. The good news? The state will increase their contribution to the plan which will result in most active members seeing a decrease in their contribution. The bad news? Most retirees will see an increase based on utilization rates.

To find your 2025 rates, first find your correct slide. Are you an active employee, pre-65 retiree, or post-65 retiree? Next find your plan category. The third column on the right is your 2025 contribution. The next two columns show the 2025 monetary change and percentage change. For more information concerning your health insurance please contact Employee Benefits Division member services at 501-682-9656.


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