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Session Update - Week Three

The first two weeks were mostly organizational and procedural. We have been receiving a lot of questions pertaining to the pay plan so we wanted to share everything we know so far.

The appropriation for funding the new pay plan is included in the states overall budget. The statute that will update the new salary grids and include the Seniority Adjustment will be in the Classification and Compensation Act of 2017. Act 365.

When these will be ran is not known yet as it is very early in the session. We could speculate that passing the overall budget could be the last action they take before they gavel out and adjourn. We will keep updating you on any news as it is received.

The Mileage Reimbursement bill with lead sponsorship by Representative Ray and co-sponsored by Senator English has not been officially filed. We will post when it gets released. (This bill would move mileage reimbursement and per diems in parity with elected officials.)

We have been approached that we might see legislation that allows for leave time for parents who are adopting foster children. That is all we know, but wanted to share as we certainly endorse the concept without having seen it in bill form.

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