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Progress Report - Pay Plan

We posted on our Facebook page this week that we might get some information about the progress of a new pay plan proposal during today's Arkansas Legislative Council committee. TSS Secretary Leslie Fisken gave a brief update that creating a new pay plan that would properly compensate state employees is a priority of TSS and OPM. She said that they have hired a consulting firm to look at the structure of the plan and to also provide organizational recommendations. This is the first we have heard of a consulting firm being used and we are interested in seeing what recommendations they provide as they look at other states employee compensation plans. She stated that it could be a few months before we get their report.

Further she said that she is meeting with "leadership" next month about priorities and I am going to assume that means the Governor, Senate and House leaders. This could be an opportunity to pass along our suggestions ahead of that meeting.

Since a new pay plan is one of the state's bigger budget items it will take time to go through the legislative process and as promised we will share with our members and guide you through the process.

Thank you for being a member.

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I know. I don't have vet money, living penny to penny, my living room furniture is falling apart and I don't have sofa money, I don't eat healthy because I don't have much food money. And on and on. Things have to change.


I thought it was very unfair to deny hard working state employees their normal yearly raise at the last minute since state employees aren’t allowed a 4 or 5, from past experience. Most supervisors won’t do the paperwork! Most state workers are poverty level and struggling. Disheartening

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I totally agree with you !!! In 10 years I have never not had a raise even if it's just a COLA. I was shocked. We work so hard to generate the revenue and we have had a great surplus since 2018 I believe. We are so underpaid unless you are a Grade 9 or higher. And the STAR evaluation is just dumb. Everyone gets 3 stars. If you can walk on water you get a 4. If you move a mountain with your bare hands or are an administrator, you get a 5. Instead of correcting legal jargon that SHS doesn't like, and I agree, but is not a priority. Rewarding the people who are loyal, hard working, and…


I work in Accounting in different areas for 23 years with DHS. Thirty three with the state. Salary and Fringe are the first two items we set aside for the coming year. (s) As always, I am more than happy to step up to help with this matter. My vehicle increased $800 for next year, food is un-beleiveable, to rescue an animal and pay vets bills is going to be hard, plus the bills went up in price. I can go on and on. This was insane to believe that some of us under-salaried employees, sole support of out families, etc. of the state wasn't going to feel this rejection. I must say, wise decision to hire Contractors.

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