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Pay Plan Proposal Revision

A working version of the pay plan proposal was inadvertently posted to the Bureau of Legislative Research meeting calendar. The plan we previously posted had 13% increases in the new minimums. This version is 20%. This version also has higher maximums. Given that we have had six years of Performance Pay increases most employees are not at the minimum anymore. Another note is that GS01-05 already received a pay raise this year to those agencies that could afford the increase without new state money. Those employees in agencies that were not moved to the new 01-05 increases due budget restraints will move to the new minimums.

below is the correct plan that will be introduced tomorrow for preliminary discussion.


How do I calculate my new salary if this passes? The answer we receive is that whatever is the greater of either 1)Moving to a new minimum in your pay grade or 2)Calculating your current salary x the seniority adjustment. See Attachment.

There would still be compression between some positions in my agency, how do we fit the problem? The big plan is to get the pay plan passed first because it is a very large sum of money to request that does a lot of good for the majority of employees. Later, if passed, officials can come back and work on the lingering issues.

How can I help encourage legislators to pass the pay plan? Your help will be needed to contact your legislator. Sign up for legislative alerts,, and we will let you know when and how to contact your legislator.

Call ASEA if you have questions or concerns. 501-378-0187.

John Bridges, Director, ASEA.

Download PDF • 827KB

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